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Evil Keg Filth: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Land

My name is Roy and I’m a CAMRA member.  There, I’ve said it.  I’m a rarity in Northern Ireland.  I’m a member of an organisation the Campaign for Real Ale, run by volunteers, that promotes cask beer and the local boozer. “Right, the local boozer I get, but what’s this cask beer stuff?” Ah, again…… Continue reading Evil Keg Filth: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Land

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Cans, Contracts and Modern Reds

Does the future of Northern Irish beer now pour from a can? Thankfully the snobbery once associated with cans of beer is fast disappearing as many Irish, British and of course American breweries have been pumping out some top quality brews for quite a while – just think of Whiplash, Yellowbelly, Cloudwater, Beavertown, Magic Rock,…… Continue reading Cans, Contracts and Modern Reds


Forget Not The Brews That Went Before

FOMO.  Fear Of Missing Out. This acronym has been used countless times in the past few years when new beers from very well respected breweries are launched.  One of my favourite UK breweries is Cloudwater from Manchester.  A lot of other beer drinkers are also fans of them.  Why wouldn’t you be?  My God they…… Continue reading Forget Not The Brews That Went Before

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2018’s First Newbie…

…is MashDown Brewery from Banbridge. You’ve maybe already heard of it, you may even have had a collaboration brew from them.  Shore, a dulse stout that also involved Portrush’s Lacada Brewery, Dead End Brew Machine from Glasgow and North Coast Smokehouse was released last autumn.  A collaboration that happened after a Lacada co-owner got chatting…… Continue reading 2018’s First Newbie…