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No Bull, It Hits the Spot

Maybe Good Friday isn’t the best day to post an article about bacon *pulls awkward face* … but bacon beer.  Is it a thing again? Regardless of the answer to that question, it can only be applauded.  Some of you will no doubt be abhorred at the thought of it.  “Beer should taste like beer!” I hear you…… Continue reading No Bull, It Hits the Spot

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From Wonderful to Woeful to Wooden Cask

Two of Ireland’s better microbreweries recently came together for a collaboration brew. County Sligo’s The White Hag and County Donegal’s Kinnegar teamed up to produce The Hare and The Hag, a 6.5% ABV ‘Irish Coffee Nitro Stout’.  A nitro stout should have a creamy and smooth texture when poured upside down from the bottle – few…… Continue reading From Wonderful to Woeful to Wooden Cask

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Where’s Your Beer Really Brewed?

Something jingled my jangles recently. There I was, with Mrs W in The Cloth Ear bar in Belfast when I started to peruse its craft beer menu.  After I’d stopped laughing hysterically at the pricing, I noticed a number of contract brews were on the list including Clearsky and McGrath’s. Clearsky has Fulcrum, Rowlock and Tidefall in its…… Continue reading Where’s Your Beer Really Brewed?

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More Taprooms Needed in Northern Ireland!

Politicians, eh?  Useless, most of them. As well as plunging us into half a billion pounds worth of debt, the reason why breweries in Northern Ireland are unable to sell directly from source is, well, politicians – plain and simple.  If any brewery wants to set up a taproom for a day they need to jump through hoops…… Continue reading More Taprooms Needed in Northern Ireland!

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A North West Tom, Dick but no Harry

I recently took a weekend trip up to Derry/Londonderry/Legenderry/The Maiden City that place with far too many names and relished the opportunity to visit some of the city’s prominent beer establishments of an evening, as you do. The Guildhall Taphouse is, as you would expect, just around the corner from the Guildhall.  An impressive building both…… Continue reading A North West Tom, Dick but no Harry