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Licensing Limbo

Attention all beer drinkers in the UK, especially those living outside of Northern Ireland. How many brewery taprooms do you have nearby? One? Maybe two or three if you’re in a city?  Unlike any other British brewery, Northern Irish breweries are gagged from having their own permanent taproom alongside the brewhouse.  The archaic licensing law…… Continue reading Licensing Limbo

Licensing · Northern Ireland

Evil Keg Filth: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Land

My name is Roy and I’m a CAMRA member.  There, I’ve said it.  I’m a rarity in Northern Ireland.  I’m a member of an organisation the Campaign for Real Ale, run by volunteers, that promotes cask beer and the local boozer. “Right, the local boozer I get, but what’s this cask beer stuff?” Ah, again…… Continue reading Evil Keg Filth: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Land

Licensing · Northern Ireland

More Taprooms Needed in Northern Ireland!

Politicians, eh?  Useless, most of them. As well as plunging us into half a billion pounds worth of debt, the reason why breweries in Northern Ireland are unable to sell directly from source is, well, politicians – plain and simple.  If any brewery wants to set up a taproom for a day they need to jump through hoops…… Continue reading More Taprooms Needed in Northern Ireland!