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Licensing Limbo

Attention all beer drinkers in the UK, especially those living outside of Northern Ireland. How many brewery taprooms do you have nearby? One? Maybe two or three if you’re in a city?  Unlike any other British brewery, Northern Irish breweries are gagged from having their own permanent taproom alongside the brewhouse.  The archaic licensing law…… Continue reading Licensing Limbo

Northern Ireland

Reasons to be Cheerful, 1-2-3

“What? Do something for nothing? Are ye mad?”That was one of the less than positive responses given when informing a beer festival attendee that I was not being paid for pouring him his required tipple thirty seconds earlier. Whether I choose to work or not is entirely my choice but the simple fact of the matter…… Continue reading Reasons to be Cheerful, 1-2-3

Northern Ireland

A One Year Old’s Party, Norn Iron Pub Style

What kind of first birthday party have you been to where there’s been over thirty beers from local breweries on offer? A damned good one, that’s for sure. That was the case last weekend with Galway Bay Brewery’s only Northern Irish pub, Northern Lights on the Ormeau Road in Belfast, reaching the one year milestone…… Continue reading A One Year Old’s Party, Norn Iron Pub Style