‘Tis better to give than to receive, apparently. Aye, well, whatever your thoughts on that, giving a gift to someone you’ve never met before requires some seriously uncomfortable social media creeping. I’d volunteered along with 43 others to take part in a UK/Ireland Twitter exchange called #BeerySecretSanta. Organised by Newcastle upon Tyne’s Myles Lambert, who’s part…… Continue reading #BeerySecretSanta

Northern Ireland

Portrush – Land of Barry’s, Chips & Beer Festivals

Make no mistake, I love Portrush.  It’s where the family would take day trips when I was a child and it’s where I now take my family for the same – driving the dodgem cars and sliding down the helter skelter at Barry’s amusements, eating a 10% meat (probably) sausage supper in a chippy and…… Continue reading Portrush – Land of Barry’s, Chips & Beer Festivals